At snack it we understand fundraising.  Fundraising should be about maximum profit with minimum fuss.


Fundraising products we offer


Jolly Time microwave pop corn

Authentic American pop corn that tastes great! A much healthier alternative to the normal chocolate fundraisers.

Buy for $1.00 – Sell for $2.00

Purchase in Cartons.

1 Carton contains 144 packets of pop corn.

Purchase price per Carton is $158.40.

Profit to your organisation $129.60Minimum purchase 1 Carton.

JT Fundraising Image for SnackIt

Kind Bars

Smarter snacks for fundraising when healthier choices are preferred.

Buy $1.80 – Sell 2 for $5.00

Purchase in lots of 2 Cartons. 72 units per carton = 144 bars.

Purchase price per 144 bars $100.80. Profit to your organisation $100.80

Minimum purchase 144 bars.

 KIND Fundraising Image for SnackIt

Sweets Time

A fundraising classic, but always successful, bags of lollies. With 4 varieties to choose from, Party Mix, Planes, Chocolate Pineapple chewsand Chocolate Honeycomb.

Buy for $2.00 – Sell for $3.00

Purchase in lots of 120 individual packets.

Purchase price per 120 packets $240.00. Profit to your organisation $120.00

Minimum purchase 120 packets.

 Sweets Time Fundraising Image for SnackIt

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