Gluten Free Products

At snack it we have carefully selected premium gluten free products which taste great and are affordable. Now being a Coeliac or gluten intolerant does not mean you have to pay more or eat products which you don’t enjoy the taste of.

Nuttz Gourmet: Delicious gourmet nuts including macadamias, almonds and cashews.

Slim Fruits: A luscious, guilt-free treat, Slim Fruits not only taste great, they have nutritional health benefits too. Sugar Free, Fat Free, High Fibre.

Mrs Higgins: The Gluten Free variety of these very tasty biscuits. Fresh from Mrs Higgins oven.

Chicca Chips: A light and delicious chick pea chip cooked in premium high oleic sunflower oil. Free from cholesterol, trans fats, artificial flavours, colours or added msg. They are a great tasting snack, ideal for all occasions.

Kind bars: All natural whole nut & fruit bars put an end to hunger by delivering all-natural nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium and iron.

Jila Mints and Gums: peppermint and spearmint in mints and gum plus a fruity gum tops of this range.

Jolly Time microwave pop corn: Great tasting, 95% pop and no palm oil makes this pop corn a great guilt free treat and great value for money.

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