Slim Fruits support weight loss

Slim Fruits have been specially developed to support a weight loss diet.  So, how do Slim Fruits help you lose weight?

Slim_SF_Peach-Melba Slim_SF_Rhubarb-and-Strawberry

  • They contain only 2 calories per sweet and are fat free and sugar free.
  • Slim Fruits have fibre in the form of Acacia gum.  This natural soluble fibre helps increase your dietary fibre content and reduces hunger pangs.
  • They are also a tasty treat for those who crave sweets.  The pastilles contain elderberry juice.  Elderberry has the added benefit of boosting immunity against viruses such as the flu.


Slim Fruits come in a handy purse size box with a flip top lid.  The pastilles come in two great flavours; Peach Melba, and Rhubarb and Strawberry.

We recommend Slim Fruits for a healthy treat.   It is reassuring to know that they are made by Ferndale – a leading Australian confectionary company.  Also with no artificial colours or preservatives, the list of benefits for your health keeps getting longer!  We believe that Slim Fruits are the healthiest sweet on the market.

Slim Fruit Pastilles