Snack Smarter

With our great range of Snack Smarter options, you can indulge your taste buds and still feel like you have eaten sensibly. Below are just a few of our products available in our range of Snack Smarter products.

Piranha SNAPS: A Probiotic snack made from potato, rice & Pumpkin. Vegan, no added MSG, no preservatives, source of dietary fibre, no artificial flavour.

Potato Grills: Golden Hash Potato Grills are Gluten free and Halal Snacks without any artificial colour, flavour and preservatives.

Soy Crisps: Crispy soy sticks made from Soya Bean and Wheat. No cholesterol, no artificial colours, trans fat free.

KIND bars: All natural whole nut & fruit bars put an end to hunger by delivering all-natural nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium and iron.

Chicca Chips: A light and delicious chick pea chip cooked in premium high oleic sunflower oil. Free from cholesterol, trans fats, artificial flavours, colours or added msg. They are a great tasting snack, ideal for all occasions.

Jolly Time microwave pop corn: Great tasting, gluten free, 95% pop and no palm oil makes this pop corn a great guilt free treat and great value for money.

Jila Gum: A sensible choice for between meals.  Natural flavours, gluten and sugar free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan.

Mountain Beef Jerky: Made in New Zealand, 95% fat free, with a high serving of protein providing an excellent snack food in four savoury flavours.

Nuttz Gourmet: Delicious gourmet nuts including macadamias, almonds and cashews.

Slim Fruits: A luscious, guilt-free treat, Slim Fruits not only taste great, they have nutritional health benefits too. Sugar Free, Fat Free, High Fibre.